Roxbury Choir Special Awards

The special awards described below are given to Roxbury Choir students at the end of the year.  These special honors are designed to recognize students for their time and dedication to the Roxbury Choir Program and to their musical craft.  These awards are not intended to make any student feel left out; rather, they provide an extra goal to the students in the Roxbury Vocal Music Program.

  • The National Choir Award – given to one or two graduating senior(s).
    • This award is the Vocal Music Department’s highest honor.  The National Choir Award is given to the one or two graduating senior(s) who have provided outstanding musical as well as service contributions to the Roxbury Choir for the past four and who intend to pursue a career in music in the future.  Each year, the award recipient’s name is engraved on a special plaque kept in the choir room.
  • The Vocal Music Department Award for Excellence – given to one or two graduating senior(s).
    • This is the Roxbury Choir’s second most prestigious award.  The Department Award recognizes the student who has most embodied the ideals of the Vocal Music Department by using his or her outstanding musicianship to help better the overall program.  Lie the winner of the National Award, each recipient’s name is engraved on a plaque; however a senior need not plan a career in music to receive this award.
  • The Vocal Music Department Award for Excellence in Vocal Jazz – Given to one graduating senior.
    • This award is given to one graduating senior who has shown exceptional achievement in vocal jazz as part of Roxbury Revelation.
  • The Choir Musicianship Awards – given to one or two student(s) from each grade.
    • The Roxbury Choir Musicianship Awards recognize the one student in each grade who has shown exceptional natural musical ability and has stood out as an outstanding singer.  This award is given without regard to service to the group; rather, it recognizes the natural talent needed to succeed in vocal music.
  • The Choir Musical Service Awards – given to one or two student(s) from each grade.
    • The Musical Service Awards are designed to single out those students who have consistently used their musicianship to serve the group.  These students are not only outstanding singers but have also improved the choral program by helping to show leadership to others.