Choir Council

2018 – 2019 Choir Council

The Choir Council is made up of:
  • Officers
  • Interns
  • Classic Sounds section leaders
  • Roxbury Chorale section leaders
  • Appointed positions
  • Class representatives
Officers are elected in June of the previous year; Classic Sounds section leaders and assistants are appointed after submitting an application in June of the previous year. Choral section leaders will be appointed in September. Elections for all class representatives will be held in early September. Choir members interested in serving as class reps must submit a letter to the Roxbury choir directors and the rest of the choir describing themselves and their ideas for the choir program. All officers, interns, and representatives are expected to attend all Choir Council meetings, which will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 2:10 p.m. The Choir Council must be present at all "volunteer" activities such as days of fundraiser distribution, social events, all choir school activities, and any reception events. The Choir Council is expected to devote extra time and energy to the choir and fulfill all office obligations.

Officers and Appointed Positions

President Chris Scire
Vice-President Melissa Hughes
Secretary Austin Kurbansade
Treasurer Alec Burns
Librarian Kayla Streppone
Assistant Librarian Melissa Priester
Logistics Andrew Velasquez
Assistant Logistics Travis Remshifski
Student Pianists David Petrov, Jacob Wood
Publicity Officer Gracie Gentle
Choir Webmaster Chris Lange
Videographer Morgan Monfriedo
Photographer Grace Kliesh
Sound Manager Caitlin Menor
Assistant Sound Manager Olivia Rebernik

Choir Interns

Bryan Gonzalez
Ian Hachey
Melissa Hughes
Austin Kurbansade
Ivan Largo
Cierrah Mouzone
Matt North
Chris Scire
Kayla Streppone
Jacob Wood

Choir Representatives

CC2 Jenn Schulz
CC3 Chayjillah Chalwell
RC4 Cynthia Coté
RC6 Caitlin Menory
WE5 Danielle Doherty
WE8 Adeline O’Brien
CS8 Julia Malczynski

Classic Sounds Section Leaders

Soprano Section Leader Kayla Streppone
Soprano Assistant Amanda Melchers
Alto Section Leader Jacob Wood
Alto Assistant Melissa Hughes
Tenor Section Leader Austin Kurbansade
Tenor Assistant Chris Scire
Bass Section Leader Ian Hachey
Bass Assistant Marc Sarinelli

Chorale Section Leaders

Block 4 Soprano Section Leader Taylor Rippon
Block 6 Soprano Section Leader Faith Jacobus
Block 4 Alto Section Leader Iley DiBlasi
Block 6 Also Section leader Kate Rawlinson
Block 4 Tenor Section Leader Justin Picciuto
Block 6 Tenor Section Leader Paulie Kemmerer
Block 4 Bass Section Leader Ben McDonald
Block 6 Bass Section Leader Thomas Appleby