A Message From Your Directors

Welcome back to what promises to be another year of creating choral excellence at Roxbury High School.

Many students often falsely think that bringing home trophies is what being a winner is all about. However, although the trophies may be a by-product of a winning attitude, being a winner in the truest sense of the word means much more.

Real Winners are doers. They are willing to work hard at anything that is necessary. Winners come early and stay late, they put 100% energy into the task at hand, and they can always find one more thing to do to make the group better.

Real Winners always have time for others. Although they may have extraordinarily busy schedules, they can find time to squeeze in one more responsibility to help the group. They display a sense of selflessness, rather than selfishness, that is without fanfare. Winners care.

Real Winners are analytical about themselves. They identify their mistakes, but spend little time talking about them; rather, they go about creating a plan to correct them. Winners always look upon failure as an opportunity to correct and improve.

Real Winners do not criticize others; they use their energies to help those around them. Winners are constantly looking for ways to compliment and motivate those around them. Winners build self-respect and pride within the group.

Real Winners share rather than compare. They see competition as a chance for self-improvement, and they know that the only person they are really competing against is the person in the mirror.

Real Winners persevere. They take on every task with a sense of purpose. They are not smarter, more talented, or luckier than anyone else . . . they just don’t give up.

We present a challenge for all Roxbury High School Choir members for the 2018-2019 school year. We challenge each and every one of you to meet these requirements and be a real winner. We promise you, the rewards will last far longer than any trophy ever could.

The Roxbury High School Vocal Music Department

A Message From Your President

My name is Christopher Scire and I would like to extend a warm welcome to each and every new choir member as well as welcome back all previous members. I hope you all had a fantastic summer and I’m so very excited to be spending my final year here at Roxbury with such fantastic people. Together, I believe we can all strive to make this year’s Choir program truly special and possibly top last year.

Here at Roxbury High School, we have a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular ensembles. Our extracurricular ensembles include Madrigals, Men’s Choir, Melodies, Vocal Jazz, and Revelation. Other opportunities outside of school are the Region Choir, All-State Choir, All-Eastern Choir, and National Choir. If you aren’t interested in performing in any extracurricular ensembles, that is okay. However, I highly encourage learning more about the groups and trying to be a part of them even if you don’t think it’s your thing. With these extracurricular activities you’ll get to experience different kinds of music and meet some new people. The directors have some amazing repertoire planned for these groups. Singing in an all male or all female choir is an extremely different experience than singing in a mixed choir. Our jazz ensembles also introduce a completely new style of music which I believe many of you will love. You never know, you might just find that you really enjoy the experience.

If you would like to be part of something besides a choir, the Roxbury Performing Arts has a few other activities in which you can participate. Starting off early in the year we have the Fall Drama production; this year we are doing The Crucible by Arthur Miller. If you would like to showcase your musical ability, then please audition for Broadway Night or the Spring Musical. Broadway Night is an evening of musical numbers put together by the students with the help of our directors. It is a great chance to perform with friends or sing a solo. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Spring Musical. In my opinion, it is by far one of the greatest things you can be a part of here at Roxbury. This year’s show will be announced in October on Broadway Night. If you wish to be a part of these performances but don’t want to act or sing, we are always looking for stagehands, set builders, and dancers.

At Roxbury High School, the Choral Program is a very tightly knit community. I promise that you will not regret being a part of any of these activities or ensembles. I hope to meet all of you. Please come see me, any choir officers, or the directors if you want to know more about anything I’ve talked about or if you need help. I have very high hopes for our 2018-2019 year and I cannot wait to make some beautiful music with all of you.

Christopher Scire
2018-2019 Choir President